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April 11, 2015 1 min read

At Wingback we get to see a lot of inspirational quotes, confessions of love and (some) witty puns. We love to hear what people have to say, especially when it's positive.

Reggie Black, creator of Sticky Inspiration is about as encouraging as it gets when it comes to creativity. His project aims to change the World, one sticky at a time. We love the originality of his work, his generally very positive outlook and the way he spots interesting photographs in everyday scenes that most people would never notice.



To quote Reggie "I merge analog and digital mediums to curate content that's designed to reignite the way humans look at random acts of kindness, and also to show them how sharing their story can inspire others to tell their story."

Within the past year, Reggie has embarked on another juxtaposed artistic experience by curating his own art exhibitions. His primary focus is to transform non-traditional "art spaces", and create experiences in those places. Thus far, Reggie has transformed a three-level home for an art exhibition, and his most recent installation: Are You Using Your Voice?, will take place in a coffee shop.

Follow Reggie Black on Instagram | VSCO | Twitter | Facebook for more of an inside look at his work.

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