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The Wingback kits are specifically designed to be easy to put together. We precisely cut each of the holes so you just need feed the needle provided through the holes and stitch up however you like. Watch the video to see how we stitch them and inspire your self to come up with something unique. We include loads of thread to play with!

UPDATE: After you tie the knot at the start, leave the tail of thread rather than cutting it off, then you can just knot both ends together when you finish to make it way easier.



- The laser cutting process leaves a thin layer of carbon on any cut edges. We use a combination of compressed air and brushes to remove this but occasionally a small amount of residue can remain in the holes. If using a light coloured thread we recommend running a small amount of thread through the holes before stitching to remove any residue.

- Each wallet usually takes people between 15 and 40 minutes to assemble depending on how many colours they use and how complex they decide to go with the stitching.

- If you are using more than one thread then stitch them separately, it takes a little longer but the result looks far neater.

- Be a little bit careful. The needles are blunt but still have the ability to inflict a reasonable amount of pain without proper care as we've learned from experience!

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