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Limited Edition - Cash Wallet X Anoushka Irukandji

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Limited Edition of 50 pieces

Anoushka Irukandji

Anoushka Irukandji is a Swiss-born artist residing in Brisbane, Australia with her husband, children and small pack of animals.

A decade ago, she discovered the ancient art of henna and instantly fell in love with it. Over the years that followed, she immersed herself in the traditional design patterns and elements from all over the world, developing her own distinctive style.

Anoushka greatly enjoys adorning skin with her designs, but currently prefers to focus on working with ink and paper and the world of digital art. The thing that drew us to Anoushka were her beautiful ornamental illustrations, often with a strong sense of symmetry. She draws inspiration from a multitude of sources; such as organic shapes and patterns found in nature, other artforms and artists ...and simply daily life and the world around us.

The Wingback Cash Wallet unites the beautiful aesthetic qualities of premium Tuscan leather with elegant machined metal. Secure 4-6 cards and up to 20 notes in place with a bold fastener cut from a solid block of brass or stainless steel. With ease of use always at the heart of our products, the Cash Wallet has been designed to allow access to your cards from the top, even when it’s closed so your notes stay secure.

We weren't happy with the metal fasteners available off the shelf so we designed our own beautifully machined cap, meaning your Wingback will stand out in a crowded field of slimline wallets.

Dimensions: 69mm x 91mm x 12mm

Leather: At Wingback we select every hide individually. After tanning, the top surface of the leather is left untreated so it retains its natural grain quality and individual markings, this makes every product truly unique. The inside of of the leather is sealed and left unlined in order to maintain a natural, raw look and feel. When your product arrives, the leather will be stiff with a tight fit. Over the first couple of weeks of use it will wear in and continue to soften over time. For more information on our leather click here.

Metal: Brass has a beautiful character, it ages impeccably well with the leather, developing its own patina and getting steadily more unique over time. The Stainless Steel is exactly what you would expect, machined to perfection, it will withstand almost anything you can throw at it and retain its original character for a long time.

Delivery: It takes time to hand make each product to order and during busy periods we can build up a bit of a waiting list, please click here for the latest information


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Customer Reviews

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Adam Coulson (Kendal, GB)
Fantastic little wallet

The Cash Wallet is fantastic, just what I required. Holds a large amount of notes and a few cards comfortably and securely whilst maintaining minimal pocket space. The quality, workmanship and design of the product are top class. I was also impressed with the customer service, A great all round service and I have already recommended this company to friends and acquaintances.

Vera Sugden (Coventry, GB)

Cash Wallet - Chestnut

Tim Pockett (Newton Abbot, GB)
Excellent craftsmanship

Fantastic leather work and a great design. Wallet order was fulfilled and delivered quickly, even though it was customised.

Steven Hallett (Redditch, GB)
Quality like no other!

I stumbled across Wingback products and have not been disappointed. The leather & craftsmanship is world class, my wallet is so good it could be handed down many generations. Thanks!

Anonymous (Santa Clara, US)
Excellent solution for a front pocket wallet with proper cash storage

This wallet is about as small as a card-only wallet, and you don't need to fold your cash into origami. This is especially appreciated for large bills like Japanese yen. Maybe one day we won't need to carry cash. Until then, we can access our cash easily and still have a slim wallet.

The leather quality is excellent. The card slot loosens up after a few days and I currently have about 6 cards in it. They are easy to access but they don't fall out. I keep the wallet in the same pocket as my keys, and it is remarkably free from scratches and tears.