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Limited Edition - 100ml Hip X Lei Melendres

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With a seamless, cylindrical design, the stainless steel Wingback hip flask is robust, resilient and adventure ready. At a 100ml capacity, it’s the ultimate travel companion, designed to serve you on any journey as well it does at home.

Harnessing the potential of a 360 degree canvas around our cylindrical stainless steel hip flask, we teamed up with Manila-based illustrator Lei Melendres who created a detailed looping artwork named “We Are Infinite”. 

Laser etched onto the 100ml Hip, this limited edition collaboration is a celebration of Lei’s sprawling creations, defined by repetition, pattern, monsters, animals, unimaginable creatures and the unknown. Explore his spellbinding scenes and you’ll discover new characters every time.


The hip flask is iconic. A gentleman’s most trusted travel companion, worth its weight in gold (or bourbon). The classic rectangular shape and small spout hit popularity in prohibition, but we believed we could create a flask that celebrates its contents in a more user-friendly, less leaky, easier to clean, more durable way. 

With a seamless, cylindrical design, the Wingback hip flask is robust, resilient and adventure ready. At a 100ml capacity, it’s the ultimate travel companion, designed to serve you on any journey as well it does at home.


Lei Melendres is a freelance illustrator and the head of Doodle Art Enthusiasts, the Philippines’ largest doodling community. His inimitable artwork has graced books, magazines, murals and galleries around the world. Lei describes his infinite doodle style as conveying the intensity of endless details and elements interacting together to form a scene of art.

Commenting on the design, Lei says, “I think of the different characters I draw in my artwork as the people we have met throughout our lives, who have influenced us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually."

  • Dimensions: 37mm diameter x 127mm


    Capacity: 100ml


    Material: 316 Stainless Steel


    Weight: 180g/6.35oz


  • Delivery: Most orders are dispatched within a few days but during busy periods we can build up a bit of a waiting list, please click here for the latest information.



Customer Reviews

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Outstanding Quality

My husband had a promotion at work and I wanted to get him a little gift to show how proud we were of him, so the 100ml black hip was just perfect. My husband was blown away by it he could see the how high the quality finish was. So thank you Alistair and the team at Wingback!

Wingback Black STeel Hip Flask

I was very lucky to receive the Steel Hip Flask as a Christmas gift from a very good friend. We both have a passion for over-engineered products, be those gadgets, accessories, skis, snow-boards, vehicles, torches, lighters or even the humble hip flask! We each own a large collection of hip flasks for our trips to the slopes, and we're always on the look out for something new and different and BOY does the Wingback fit that bill. It is INCREDIBLY well made. the engineering is superb, it's faultless!! The flask's design makes it inherently very strong and highly unlikely to leak our precious tipple of choice for those outside adventures. So as a token of my appreciation for the amazing gift I went ahead and reciprocated my friend's generosity by ordering him the Black Steel version for his Birthday! He has a love of all things "Stealth" and the Black version certainly doesn't disappoint in that area! Not only are these products amazingly well made but the staff at WingBack were incredibly helpful and the service was second to none! If you're looking for that gift that's just a little bit special look no further!! Thanks to you guys!!


Being the owner of the cash wallet I already knew that the quality was going to be brilliant before it arrived. What I was particularly impressed with is the practicality of the product as well as its appearance, it really is the perfect size to take out and about on walks, the perfect lockdown side kick.

A statement piece

The pandemic has made it impossible to meet up with friends for camping/hiking trips, but we still videocall when we’re out on walks. Every time I take a sip from the hip flask someone notices. The black steel makes it both practical and tool-like, but also elegant without being pretentious. Goes great with a Barbour jacket and a pair of muddy boots!

Beautiful and practical

This has to be one of the most beautiful "simple" objects I use. I love the Wingback philosophy of simple objects that you use forever that can be passed down the generations. I have the original stainless steel version, this one looks like something out of the Star Wars universe.