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Limited Edition - Cash Wallet X Black Steel Oxide

Following from the success of our limited run, we have released black oxide fasteners across our full range. Click here to see the collection.


Limited run of 25 pieces.

Discover our dark side. A custom-designed matte black steel oxide fastener, full-grain charcoal leather and heavy gauge black thread.

In our search for new materials we discovered Black Oxide – a metal treatment for steel that looks as cool as it sounds. While most metal finishes can fade, black oxide bonds chemically with the surface of the metal, leaving a beautiful gun metal finish that won’t lose its lustre. Using this technology we custom-designed black steel oxide fasteners, pairing them with our charcoal leather and black thread, to create a bold matte black effect.

  • The Wingback Cash Wallet unites the beautiful aesthetic qualities of premium Tuscan leather with elegant machined metal. Secure 4-6 cards and up to 20 notes in place with a bold fastener cut from a solid block of stainless steel with a black oxide finish.


    With ease of use always at the heart of our products, the Cash Wallet has been designed to allow access to your cards from the top, even when it’s closed so your notes stay secure. We weren't happy with the metal fasteners available off the shelf so we designed our own beautifully machined cap, meaning your Wingback will stand out in a crowded field of slimline wallets.


  • Dimensions: 69mm x 91mm x 12mm


    Leather: At Wingback we select every hide individually. After tanning, the top surface of the leather is left untreated so it retains its natural grain quality and individual markings, this makes every product truly unique. The inside of of the leather is sealed and left unlined in order to maintain a natural, raw look and feel. When your product arrives, the leather will be stiff with a tight fit. Over the first couple of weeks of use it will wear in and continue to soften over time. For more information on our leather click here.


  • Delivery: It takes time to hand make each product to order and during busy periods we can build up a bit of a waiting list, please click here for the latest information.

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