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Limited Edition - Key Cache X Lei Melendres

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The Key Cache is designed to enhance and complement your everyday carry, while discreetly adding functionality. 

It neatly fits onto your keyring while containing a secure compartment to store banknotes and contact details in case your keys go missing. 

For this limited edition collaboration, we teamed up with Manila-based illustrator Lei Melendres, bringing one of his “We Are Infinite” doodle characters to life on the base of the Key Cache.

Laser engraved in brass or stainless steel, this collaboration is a celebration of Lei’s sprawling creations, defined by repetition, pattern, monsters, animals, unimaginable creatures and the unknown.

Lei Melendres is a freelance illustrator and the head of Doodle Art Enthusiasts, the Philippines’ largest doodling community. His inimitable artwork has graced books, magazines, murals and galleries around the world. Lei describes his infinite doodle style as conveying the intensity of endless details and elements interacting together to form a scene of art.

Commenting on the design, Lei says, “I think of the different characters I draw in my artwork as the people we have met throughout our lives, who have influenced us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually."

Please note: This limited edition collaboration Key Cache is not available with a personalised inscription.


  • Dimensions: Outer: 40.50mm x 13.6mm diameter, Inner: 31mm x 10mm diameter


    Capacity: Fits GBP, EURO, USD and every other note we have tried (the maximum size we have tried is 160mm x 82mm). 


    Manufacture: CNC machined from a solid block of stainless steel and treated with a black steel oxide coating. The body features custom knurling to provide the ideal ergonomic and aesthetic finish. Hermetically sealed with a silicone washer to keep its contents dry. Designed and manufactured to aerospace standards in the UK, with all material sourced from Europe.


  • Delivery: It takes time to hand make each product to order and during busy periods we can build up a bit of a waiting list, please click here for the latest information.




Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Jack (London, GB)
Fun, beautiful but fiddly

As with all Wingback stuff, build quality is top notch and it's fun to re-imagine how I carry keys around. However, actually fitting a British bank note, which is plastic, inside one of these is an exercise in frustration. I note the promo video stops short of showing this fully and the pics show a dollar bill which is much easier to roll up. I'd also add that it's a shame this is a dead end rather than being able to attach the key Loop product to it, after the cache. As it is, attaching Key Loops to the brass ring is only possible by sacrificing half of the Cache. Otherwise, this is a lovely and fun solution.

Rob (Gloucester, GB)
Key cache-steel

Well designed and manufactured. I am happy with the purchase.

Anonymous (Birmingham, GB)
Excellent product

Perfect low profile key carry, amazing packaging and amazing quality. Items took a little longer than initially estimated, but customer service representative was friendly, courteous and informed me as to why the delay occurred. Would recommend.

Edith (Singapore, SG)
Amazing Tool

Look great on my keychain. It's definitely build to last. Cash is tightly snuggled in the gap. This provide me immerse joy every time I see my keychain now. Will keep it for as long I can. Thank you!

Stephen Groves (Hexham, GB)
Unique and great value

I bought another key cache from Wingback these products are of the best quality so much so I have bought a number of them as presents. Discrete they can be used to keep currency safe as an emergency stash. This unique company is first class and provides first class products