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Limited Edition - Cash Wallet X Osman Mansaray

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Limited Edition of 50 pieces
Osman Mansaray

Osman grew up in Sierra Leone and was introduced to art and ink illustration by his dad. Who, as a kid would take him on walks through nearby parks and show him how to draw birds, trees, and people.

"Shaggy bear" is both serious (by the look of the design) and of course not so serious (by it's name). "To me its an attempt to strike an important balance. Both in life and in art, we have to be serous about what we do, but not so serious that all the fun is lost." ~Osman Mansaray

The Wingback Cash Wallet unites the beautiful aesthetic qualities of premium Tuscan leather with elegant machined metal. Secure 4-6 cards and up to 20 notes in place with a bold fastener cut from a solid block of brass or stainless steel. With ease of use always at the heart of our products, the Cash Wallet has been designed to allow access to your cards from the top, even when it’s closed so your notes stay secure.

We weren't happy with the metal fasteners available off the shelf so we designed our own beautifully machined cap, meaning your Wingback will stand out in a crowded field of slimline wallets.

Dimensions: 69mm x 91mm x 12mm

Leather: At Wingback we select every hide individually. After tanning, the top surface of the leather is left untreated so it retains its natural grain quality and individual markings, this makes every product truly unique. The inside of of the leather is sealed and left unlined in order to maintain a natural, raw look and feel. When your product arrives, the leather will be stiff with a tight fit. Over the first couple of weeks of use it will wear in and continue to soften over time. For more information on our leather click here.

Metal: Brass has a beautiful character, it ages impeccably well with the leather, developing its own patina and getting steadily more unique over time. The Stainless Steel is exactly what you would expect, machined to perfection, it will withstand almost anything you can throw at it and retain its original character for a long time.

Delivery: It takes time to hand make each product to order and during busy periods we can build up a bit of a waiting list, please click here for the latest information.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Beautiful birthday present - Cash wallet.

Having previously purchased one of these little beauties myself, I recently purchased one for my sons birthday. I have not used another wallet since getting mine about two years ago and I know my son is an admirer, so I am sure he will get the same amount of satisfaction at this small but perfectly formed piece of EDC.

Young W Lee (Orangeburg, US)
Great quality

Was very pleased with the care and quality of the product! Came in mint condition and exactly what the pictures showed. Very high quality leather and smells great! Also took in my request for the name inscription as well!

Alex Hart
Very small

Great product, very good quality of the leather.
However there are few issues with that, cards have zero safety from falling out. Especially after using multiple cards and then using only a few cards! Once it's fully stocked it's hard to get one card out, you must get a whole bunch and then sort them out!
Would I recommend this wallet? Yes, definitely!!!

David Willsher (Corby, GB)
What more could I ask for?

My Cash wallet arrived exactly as promised. It’s clear from the wallet and packaging that a lot of love goes into these products. My last wallet lasted me 20 years and I have no doubt this will see me through the next 20. Knowing where items are manufactured and where the materials are sourced should be important to us all and is why I was keen to purchase my wallet from Wingback. My wallet’s journey has started, I’m just breaking it in at the moment, but it smells fantastic!

Keith Pattinson (Oxted, GB)
Perfect slimline wallet :-)

I had been looking for a slim card wallet for sometime, and came across Wingback. Firstly, their webpage really pulled me in as it really showcased this brands attention to detail, quality materials, and the craftmanship they put into their products. Go an have a look, the pictures, background info, and videos are first rate. I bought a Chestnut Brown cash wallet, and I love it. The quality of the product is excellent, the leather is very high quality, and the stitching and finish are perfect. I love that the brand are looking to build products that last a lifetime, and this wallet feels like it will be with me for a longtime. Absolutely delighted with my purchases, and discovering this brand. Ordering and delivery were very fast. Highly recommend this brand, give them a go. I have subsequently ordered one of their mechanical pencils via their kickstarter campaign, the videos on the design concept, and focus on build quality look amazing, and I can't wait to get it.