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December 02, 2021 2 min read

Discover our limited edition collaboration with Glasgow-based travel pack and accessories specialists Trakke.

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We are honoured to join forces with Alec Farmer's Trakke for a limited edition collaboration – just in time for Christmas.

The Glasgow-based team are specialists in harnessing high quality British materials and manufacturing to make long-lasting, adventure-ready travel packs and accessories.

We've long admired Trakke's handiwork north of the border. Now we're teaming up to create something extra special for our respective audiences, uniting Trakke's heavy cotton and waxed canvas with our aerospace-grade stainless steel.


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Trakke was founded by Alec Farmer over a decade ago in 2010, with a mission to celebrate the best of British materials and manufacturing.

With their roots in Glasgow, every Trakke bag is proudly emblazoned with the words "Handmade in Scotland".

"Right to roam," embodies Trakke's mission, Farmer tells us. "Our simple, understated designs use materials and components that are time tested and reliable to create bags that thrive out in the wild – wherever your wilderness may be."


Wingback X Trakke Limited Edition Collaboration

The Glasgow-based designers have drawn on robust, rugged and highly durable materials for the collection – from waxed canvas used by Scottish fishermen to heavy cotton webbing made by a Midlands mill with over two centuries of experience.

Using these raw materials, Trakke has custom crafted a Waxed Canvas Case for our 100ml Hip Flask and a Heavy Cotton Sleeve for our Mechanical Pen and Pencil.

Limited Edition - Hip Flask Case X Trakke

This rugged travel-ready case includes a water-resistant zip and stainless steel clip so you can carry your flask wherever your journey takes you.

For its construction, Trakke have used Scottish waxed canvas, a classic fibre originally invented by Scottish fishermen to protect them from the elements.

A few hundred years later, Trakke's waxed canvas is still manufactured in Scotland and can be reproofed to keep the rain at bay.


Wingback X Trakke Limited Edition Pen/Pencil Sleeve

Keen admirers of our stainless steel stationery, Trakke have also custom crafted a heavy cotton sleeve for our best-selling Mechanical Pen.

Its hard-wearing, durable material will protect your prized possession, while doubling as a handy pen stand for your home desk.

Trakke use heavy cotton webbing manufactured in the Midlands in a mill that has over 200 years of weaving nous. Using the highest quality cotton yarns, the webbing is woven on high-tech needle looms to create highly durable webbing tape that will stand the test of time.


Wingback X Trakke Stainless Steel Mechanical Pen


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The Wingback X Trakke Collection is available for a limited time only. Shop the full collection here.

Photos by Trakke.

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