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Five star customer reviews of the Everyday Pack 21L by Wingback
Wingback - review of the month

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Mechanical Pen - Steel
Richard Davies (Flint, GB)
The Last Pen You’ll Ever Need

I write a lot, 5 days a week in fact, recording boring factual but essential information for my job, I was always tempted by a fisher space pen but a little wary of a few points.
This pen is lovely, its weight in the hand, the feel of the knurling as you grip it and, the fact it uses fisher space pen refills meaning it can write anywhere literally anywhere and everywhere on any surface, it’s a perfect pen for myself, a little midlife treat, because I can, and why not?

Everyday Pack 21L
Colin Bro (London, GB)
Impossible to clean …. Not fit for purpose.

I have quite a bit of wingback kit (1 pen, 2 pencils, pen stand and key fobs etc) and trusted this would be a similarly robust piece of kit but sadly it’s not functional or fit for purpose;

1. The wax cloth (great material in principle) can’t be cleaned. I got some cream on it and it is now effectively stained. Despite sponging it I can’t improve on its currents state. I travel quite a bit and i ruined it (still functional but the black colour has now been ruined) on its first outing. Crazy for something at this price point.

I think unlike the wax jackets I have (still look great 5-10 years on) this has a thicker weave which means it is harder (read impossible) to clean.

2. I like the ideas of the metal buckles (I also ordered the halo straps) . The downside is that without thinking when taking off the pack or putting it on a table if not careful you could easily do a lot of damage. It’s quite hard to say how careful you need to be (the buckles are v solid and weighty) - having used back packs for decades you now need to remind yourself each time you use it that you now need to be very careful about placing it down / taking it off and accidentally hitting something or somebody in the process. Remember the buckles are on straps so it is easy for them to swing about.

Disappointed as wanted to love this but sadly can’t.

Mechanical Pen - Brass
adam kirby (London, GB)
Great product which will clearly last

A very solid and well-made product that I’m sure will last a very long time.

Wilder Pocket Notebook (3-pack)
James Vaughan (Blackpool, GB)
Great little note book!!

Very nice little notebook for all occasions!!

Mechanical Pencil - Brass
worst mechanical pencil

I bought my pencil about 6 months ago, it had good build quality etc, however problems started in the first month very unreliable lead not moving or mechanism being unable to feed consistently, i contacted support and got an automated response. After about 2 month the pencil completely stopped working unable to feed or hold lead at all I've taken it apart and cleaned each component to be sure. But alas garbage, since I use it for work I bought a 5 pound alternative which has been working great for past 4 months no issues. However I just picked it up again after these 4 months cleaned it and still doesn't work, so decided to write this review. Buyers beware

Hi Felix,

Thanks for getting in touch, really sorry to hear your pencil is having issues.

I've had a look through email history but can't see an email from you previously getting in touch about the issue. Not sure what happened there but if I had received the message i certainly would have made every effort to assist you then and there.

More than happy to send out a replacement mechanism for you with a return label for the original, I've sent an email over asking you to confirm your address and I can get it sroted.



Fountain Pen - Brass
Joshua Esch (Spring Arbor, US)
Exquisite Writing Experience

The Wingback Fountain Pen is a true work of art. It brightens my daily routine when I open my bag and grab out my Wingback to write. Everything about the pen speaks to the quality and the thought put into it. From the design to the functionality and every other area in between, the Wingback Fountain Pen does not disappoint. To the whole Wingback Team, many thanks from across the pond for this incredible product!

Card Holder - Chestnut
ST (London) (Morden, GB)

Smaller than I expected which I was very happy about. Perfect for my work access card, Travel card and one credit card. Small form factor and smells AMAZING. Very good quality product!

Fountain Pen - Brass
Nigel Singleton (Harlow, GB)
Worth the wait

Having owned the brass pencil for quite a while I didn't hesitate when I received the Kickstarter email.
I've always preferred ink pens over a cheap Biro and have quite a few.
Now that I have the Wingback it's the pen that I pick up every day. I like the way that the cap screws on and the weight is perfect. It really is a pleasure to write with.

Fountain Pen - Brass
J Tren (Farnham, GB)
great addition

Enjoying the new fountain pen, a great addition to the writing range. Beautifully made and nice to use a fountain pen again. I like the way the cap screws on.. Certainly recommend.

Fountain Pen - Brass - Kickstarter
Mark G (Lambeth, GB)
Great pen

Exceptionally nice weight in the hand. Already had a couple of compliments from colleagues.

Fountain Pen - Steel
DL (Islington, GB)

Better than I expected (and I have other stuff from Wingback). Perfect weight distribution.

Fountain Pen - Titanium - Kickstarter
Stuart (Haywards Heath, GB)
Beautiful pen

Hard to explain how good this pen is. It’s beautifully made and a pleasure to use. I use at every opportunity, the pleasure of unscrewing the cap and then reattaching to the body is marvellous

Fountain Pen - Black Steel - Kickstarter
Nick Pride (Evesham, GB)
A faithful companion

An understated piece of beautiful craftsmanship, a pleasure to use every time, and a perfect match with its sister piece, the black steel pencil

Fountain Pen - Steel - Kickstarter
Andy (Harringay, GB)
The fountain pen is great

Have had my new fountain pen for a couple of weeks and it has been fantastic. The ink flow is good and the nib writes very smoothly. The look is great and balance just right. I’m a big Wingback fan, and once again they have delivered another monster product.

Fountain Pen - Steel - Kickstarter
Colin H (Rotherham, GB)
Absolutely stunning pen

I find myself looking for any reason to write using this pen. So well balanced combined with the usual Wingback standards. Thank You

Mechanical Pen - Brass
Simon Larbalestier (Tadcaster, GB)
Brass Wingback Pen & Pencil

I bought the brass pencil about a year ago and it’s now gained a beautiful patina already, I also included the brass pencil base which has aged in a similar way. Last month I added the brass pen to my growing collection and I’m now waiting for that to gain its own unique patina. Being left handed makes writing and drawing somewhat awkward but the size, weight and balance of both pen and pencil have significantly improved my hand writing perhaps because I’ve deliberately slowed down to enjoy the process. The after sales service has been first class and I can throughly recommend Wingback as a company.

Fountain Pen - Black Steel - Kickstarter
Mark (Trowbridge, GB)
A thing of real beauty

This is a lovely pen, a real pleasure to get out & use. The attention to detail is amazing

Fountain Pen - Titanium - Kickstarter
Craig B (Leeds, GB)

Absolutely delighted with the titanium Wingback Fountain pen, it writes like a dream and is a beautiful object to both hold and use.

Since receiving the fountain pen I've gone on to buy further Wingback items - the mechanical pencil, pen holders and leather sleeves! I even bought one of the titanium hip flasks - based entirely on the beauty and quality of the fountain pen!

All remarkable things, incredibly pleased with them and overall, highly recommended!

Fountain Pen - Brass - Kickstarter
Jon Dodd (Chippenham, GB)
Brass fountain pen

Fab product well made and a pleasure to use !

Fountain Pen - Black Steel - Kickstarter
Rachel Horne (Ross on Wye, GB)
Quicksilver writing

An ergonomically and innovatively designed fountain pen which includes a nifty dual purpose **** cap which can be attached to the end of the barrel as an extender as well as its primary function of protecting the nib. The nib offers a smooth and fluid writing experience which could be likened to quicksilver.
Overall, this fountain pen offers useful convertible functionality with either a compact or extended form and a smooth, gliding nib. The protective pouch is suitably stylish and well made to compliment the pen.

Fisher Cartridge
simon m (Bradford, GB)
The best writing utensils I have come across

I use pens and pencils every day and they have ranged from Montegrappa to Mont Blanc. The wingback is a workhorse. Functional, practical and unpretentious. I wouldn't use anything else. I have the pen and previously had the pencil.
Be careful with yours - the cylindrical nature makes it prone to "rolling" of your work surface. Sadly I lost my pencil earlier this year at an airport when this happened. I ordered a refill for the pen recently - took a while to arrive but it was over the Christmas period so probably explained it. If you scribe, get a wingback.

Mechanical Pen - Brass
M. Tanner (Wimborne Minster, GB)
Great fiddle widget .. and pen!

My Partner bought me a Wingback pen for my birthday with a lovely enscription on it. I use it daily. I find it great to use and sometimes, just to fiddle with in meetings! The quality is so great. I work in engineering and have shown it to colleagues who also appreciate the craftmanship of this writing artwork.

Thank you.


Mechanical Pen - Brass
Ted Lowe (Albuquerque, US)
Inscription Mistake

I wanted the inscription, The mountains are calling, and I must go" on the pen.
I thought I had filled it out correctly when I ordered the pen but was told I didn't and would need to send pen back. I like the pen but don't have time to send it back etc.

Mechanical Pen - Steel
Laurence Johnson (Sydney, AU)
Mechanical pen - steel

Great pen - love the weight and balance and workmanship - will certainly outlast me!

Winston Travel Wallet - Charcoal
Jonathon Tebbs (Liverpool, GB)

Winston Travel Wallet - Charcoal

Hi Jonathon,

I've sent over an email requesting a little bit more information on what the issues were with your Travel Wallet?

I'd love to be able to help, so please do let me know your thoughts.

All the best,


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