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Wingback review of the month winners for September 2021

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Key Loop - Brass - Kickstarter backers
Peter Cockrum (Glenroy, AU)
Brass key loop and container

Absolutely delighted with my brass key loop and I have rolled up $5 coffee money and put in the little container - all set for a lifetime of use. Much appreciated!

Key Loop - Steel
Donald McGowan (Louisville, US)
My Second Loop

It is a great way to carry ones keys.It is my hope that I will not lose this one.

Mechanical Pencil - Kickstarter backers
Kieran Clarke (Perth, AU)
Outstanding Writing Impliment

I originally purchased two of the engraved pens on last year's Kickstarter and loved them - as did my wife who was given one as a Christmas present. Now I have a matching mechanical pencil as does the wife. Great heft and feel and the engraving is the icing on the cake

Key Loop - Steel
Thomas Valentino (Hudsonville, US)
Key Loop is very functional

I was skeptical about using the key loop. Once I gave it a change it turns out to be my choice and I use it and happy with it. The versatility and flexibility is the main reason I use it. It is a quality product that I will use for a long time.

Mechanical Pencil - Brass
Stuz (Singapore, SG)
I do like this brass pencil, by far the best I've used.

Glad I chose it over the disposable ones I've previously used. It's simple, very well engineered and of great quality. It feels good in the hand and I'm sure it will continue to perform for many years to come.


This is an absolutely beautiful pencil to both use and look at!

Well done!

Nicely executed design and finish. I am sure this pencil will last a lifetime and still look great. I am not sure why a previous commentor wrote that the nib end would not be flush with the end...all you have to do is give it a little nudge and away it goes......no longer able to tear your pocket or the cloth carry bag. Thank you for making this pencil.

Winston Wallet - Charcoal
Marc Harrison (Milton Keynes, GB)
Compact wallet, minimalist design and excellent quality.

I'm absolutely delighted with my Wingback Winston!
I've had a number of compact wallets over the years (Nomatic Basics / Belroy Note), but wanted something that worked with my current requirements. Life is too short to be folding notes and stuffing them next to cards so that's the Nomatic out. I only carry 2-3 cards nowadays so the latest version of the Note, with more card slots than the original and even a pocket for coins was moving in the wrong direction for my minimalist needs.
Hours of research, reviews read and YouTube videos watched and I come across Wingback and the Winston wallet ticks all my boxes. Holds my 3 cards really securely but you could fit more if you need to. Notes fit flat.
A simple but well thought out design, premium full grain Tuscan leather that oozes quality and the hand stitching by Masha is faultless.
Finally, I have to give a shout out to Megan for great customer service. Sorting a delivery issue that was out of their control and keeping me updated at every stage (even outside of office hours) is the sort of customer care that turns a first time customer into a long term repeat customer. Thank you!

Mechanical Pencil - Kickstarter backers
Malte Beutz (Wilhelmshaven, DE)
Wingback Pencil

I received a very nice solid brass pencil. It's weight nedds a little getting used to, but that's the problem, if you, like me, only use cheap plastick ones. ;-)
This will last propably forever. Thumbs up!


top design and great in using.

Mechanical Pencil - Brass
Brian Ingham (Stanningfield, GB)
Brass pencil and holder

A little disappointed with the quality of the finish on the pencil, it showed some marking. I realise the pencil will "age" as its brass but had expected an initial perfect finish. The holder was of a better finish.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the feedback, I'm so sorry to hear the finish wasn't exactly what you wanted. Please get in touch with me via hello@wingback.co.uk so we can chat and see what can be done.



Mechanical Pencil - Kickstarter backers
Holger Langguth (Heilbronn, DE)
perfect mobile mechanical pencils

I'm very happy with my wingback mechanical pencils! Perfect EDC items.

Mechanical Pencil - Steel
Paul Delahunty (Dublin, IE)
Best writing instrument bar none

I have used a lot of mechanical pencils but the Wingback is the best I've ever written with. If feels amazing in your hand and beautifully weighted. I now own 2 pencils and 1 pen and love them all

Mechanical Pencil - Kickstarter backers
Denise Pollack (Mannheim, DE)
Wonderful little pencil

I love this one. It has perfect weight distribution, does feel like a big one without being too heavy. It's prefect for drawing on the go. I like the quality of the material.

Mechanical Pencil - Kickstarter backers
Isabelle L. (Brussels, BE)
My best companion!

I never go without my Wingback Mechanical Pencil, the best I have ever had. And I don't have to worry about carrying spare mines because the spare mine holder is big enough to store mines for several months! All parts are metal and sturdy, but the size is compact and the Wingback Mechanical Pencil has become my everyday companion, and I carry it everywhere. Like a Lucky Charm... Many thanks, you crafted much more than a pencil!

Mechanical Pencil - Kickstarter backers
Frank Laurenz (Berlin, DE)
As expected

The mechanical pencil as well as the black steel hip flask is high quality. I’m very satisfied. Cheers

Mechanical Pencil - Brass
Nidal Khoury (Dubai, AE)
The Smell

The Smell of brass is overwhelming, I’d have thought it would be treated to deal with this.


Hi Nidal,

We have chosen not to 'treat' our brass products to allow a rich patina to form as the pencil is used. This gives a truly individual experience to all our customers and their pencils, but if you're not happy please just get in touch me with me (hello@wingback.co.uk) and we can talk.



Key Cache - Brass
william Langdon-Banks (Monaco, MC)
Nicely crafted

Lovely products. Special.

Card Wallet - Chestnut
Joe Bosack & Co. - Joe Bosack (Pottsville, US)
Lost wallet, or opportunity for a new wallet?

I left my wallet in a restaurant in Philadelphia. Someone scooped it up before the staff saw it and it was gone. It had three credit cards in it, my drivers license and a few bills, but nothing upset me more than losing that wallet, it was a Wingback Cash Wallet... and I loved it. And I'm not just talking about a flippant "I love this wallet", no sir, I was IN love with that wallet. The perfect vessel for the carrying of one's basic necessities.

So I cancelled the cards, filled out the paperwork for new drivers license, and then immediately ordered a new Wingback, this time a Card Wallet. I'm in love again.

Winston Wallet - Charcoal
Eduardo Robles (Whittier, US)
Best Wallet I've ever owned

Beautiful craftsmanship and quality materials. I searched far and low for the perfect wallet and the wingback fit the bill!!

Time to go home

"Time to go home" is the Point in movie when the job is done and everybody goes home. That was the same feeling I got when the pencil arrived and I held it in my hands for the first time. Beautifuly crafted and made to last a lifetime. This is the last pencil you will ever buy.

Cash Wallet - Whisky
Adam Coulson (Kendal, GB)
Fantastic little wallet

The Cash Wallet is fantastic, just what I required. Holds a large amount of notes and a few cards comfortably and securely whilst maintaining minimal pocket space. The quality, workmanship and design of the product are top class. I was also impressed with the customer service, A great all round service and I have already recommended this company to friends and acquaintances.

Winston Wallet - Charcoal
Marc Hopkins (Maidstone, GB)
Wingback Winston

I was looking for a wallet for a while and then I came across Wingback. I looked at the range of wallets and chose the Winston. The craftsmanship and the quality are sublime and the size is perfect. Thank you Wingback.

Mechanical Pencil - Black Steel
Hijratullah Niazi (Tønsberg, NO)
Very poor

Not satisfied, I am not satisfied with my purchase, the tip of the pencil does not go inside all the way and holding it perpendicular to paper, the tip scratches paper, not well designed and not good precision. The black steel has rusted steel smell, even after two washes with soap the smell is still strong. I could invest the money and buy a Rotring 800 pencil instead, I am very disappointed with my purchase, not worth it at all. Wingback service is not good

Extending the led, the cylinder touches with the barrel making annoying sound, it is so annoying that I dare to extend the led.

Hi Hijratullah,

I have been trying to assist you over email, and have now seen that you say our service is no good. Please can you respond to my email and provide a little more information so I can adequately help you?



Winston Wallet - Whisky
Anonymous (Taipei, TW)
Exceptional craftsmanship, Exceptional Quality.

I could not be more pleased. LOVE it so much.