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Customer Reviews

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Card Holder - Whisky
Simon Pilgrim (Salford, GB)
Great product

Meets all my expectations. Beautifully made and finished. My wife has now got me the Churchill wallet to match for my birthday and that arrived today.

This pen is simply beautiful! A wonderful piece of engineering. Everyone who see’s me with it asks where it’s from! I purchased a fountain pen, which writes like a symphony! The engravings are subtle, stylish and classy! Worth every penny, for a pen which will clearly last a life time!

Personalised Pen

Wouldn`t normally consider spending this on a pen but I am a proud Triumph
owner and this looked top notch.
Very happy to say it feels nicely weighted, writes beautifully... just hope I don`t lose it.

Absolutely brilliant and beautiful wallet , perfect size to carry in the front pocket

Mechanical Pen - Brass
Jo Toseland (Islington, GB)
The Full Set

Having had the pencil for c. 2 years, I now have the perfect set including the ball point and fountain pens, in the leather wallet. Where I can, I now force myself to write rather than type just to use these. I find the size / weight / balance just right whether I'm drawing (engineering) or writing.

Love the weight,durability and craftsmanship of this pen, delivered on time too and that a plus

Love the craftsmanship,weight and feel on this pencil

Fantastic product

Fantastic products and excellent customer service

Mechanical Pen - Titanium
Emma Janowski (Hereford, GB)
Best engagement present ever!

I bought the titanium pen for my partner as an engagement present and it did not disappoint!! Such amazing craftsmanship and a beautiful piece of engineering. A perfectly weighted pen, would highly recommend! Thanks to Alasdair and all the Wingback team! Emma

Winston Wallet - Charcoal
TIM LEDGER (Chipping Norton, GB)

Great size, cards not as secure as I would have liked and will probably look for an alternative

Mechanical Pencil - Brass
Jeff Shoemake (San Antonio, US)

As a portrait artist I am always looking for quality mechanical pencils. Very few meet my expectations. Ordered my Wingback a few weeks ago and it is an absolute dream! Heirloom quality! 10 out of 10 recommend!! Well done! 👏👏👏

Mechanical Brass Pen

I bought this as a gift for my husband’s 60th birthday and he loves it. It is his all time favorite pen, and he is a pen guy!

Mechanical Pencil - Brass
Adrian Clarke (Barnet, GB)
The last word in mechanical pencils

This is a superior writing instrument. One is tempted to use a well-worn cliche, but in fact it would be better to turn it on its head. Therefore I can wholeheartedly state that Rolls-Royce make the Wingback of cars.

Love the nib! Thank you!

Card holder wish i brought first

Love card holder wish i brought this before other two wingback wallets thou there nice if reduce cards fall out where as this card holder has spring inside so u can carry one to 10 cards and as leather stretches you can go back to one pre more cards and don’t fall out and holds some folded cash too so best of both

Pen Slip - Chestnut
Mark G (Trowbridge, GB)
What can I say!

This is a thing of real class, beautiful leather and craftsmanship, my pens feel spoilt!

100ml Hip Flask - Steel
William (London, GB)
Quality hip flask

Really nice. Exactly as expected. Expensive but will feel worth it in a few years time. Not having to use a funnel to fill as well as being able to open the flask properly to clean it sealed the deal for me.

Pen Slip - Chestnut
Ben E (Market Harborough, GB)
Beautiful pen case

The new pen case features superb leather, offering a tactile and durable experience. The design is excellent, particularly suited for smaller pens like Wingback's models and the Kaweco Liliput series. This case definitely isn't for larger fountain pens. Service was great; Megan resolved an order issue immediately and seamlessly. It's inevitable that things go wrong sometimes, but what matters is how a company handles it. Wingback was a class act, demonstrating exceptional customer service.

Key Cache - Titanium
Duncan McInnes (Alexandria, GB)
Outstanding Key cache -Robust

This key cache has a lovely feel today and takes a £20 note as an emergency fail safe for cash. The ring has a nice strong adjustment for adding to other keys or rings. I just feels a robust and beautiful piece of engineering.

Mechanical Pen - Brass
Gianluca Giangolini (Southwark, GB)
Wow. Just beautiful!


Fountain Pen - Brass
Mr M Tanner (Wimborne Minster, GB)
Very happy

I ordered the medium nib. I find it very easy to write with and weight very good. My brass stationery set is nearly complete :-)

A5 Refillable Notebook - Charcoal
Charlie Smedley (Hackney, GB)
Timeless classic.

Fantastic quality and timeless design. A companion for life.

Fountain Pen - Steel
Areal17 (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Best fountain pen i ever had

The fountain pen combines masterful craftsmanship with great performance. Its smooth ink flow and balanced grip offer an unparalleled writing experience, reminiscent of a precision instrument. Durable, elegant, and efficient, this pen is a perfect choice for those who value both style and functionality in their writing tools.

Key Loop - Brass
Tyler Nold (Aurora, US)

Works great