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Based on 1390 reviews
Mechanical Pencil - Steel
John J (Chelsea, GB)
Small but well engineered

I purchased a mechanical pencil in steel. It is beautifully engineered but rather small in the hand and the lack of a pocket clip is a real disadvantage. That said I’m sure it will last a lifetime provided I don’t forget where I put it.

Mechanical Pencil - Steel
Paul Radford (Leatherhead, GB)
A Thing Of Beauty

I’d heard about Wingback mechanical pencils and seen pictures of them. Being someone who prefers pencil to pen I thought I’d treat myself to one. Not only does it look great, it feels fabulous in the hand and writes beautifully. I simply love using it.

Winston Wallet - Whisky
Eric Hislop (Highbury, GB)
Great Wallet

I spent a long time working out exactly what I was looking for which was a compact quality leather wallet that carried a couple of cards and some cash and the Winston has far exceeded my expectations. Spend the extra on customisation as the whisky with orange thread is superb.

Mechanical Pen - Steel
Tori Fallesen (Lymington, GB)
Excellent product and service

The pen was for a gift and as I didn’t get it engraved the team ensured a speedy dispatch so it turned up within a couple of days - in time for my husbands birthday! He loved it 😊

Mechanical Pencil - Steel
David Bain (Newcastle, GB)
Very pleased with my new mechanical pencil

I love writing with my new mechanical pencil! It feels great, looks great and should last for years. Superb!

Mechanical Pencil - Steel
Richard Tiley (Bootle, GB)
What a superb pencil!

I love this pencil. It is beautifully engineered, is perfectly balanced and stores enough lead to last a l-o-n-g time. It feels 'right' in the hand but is weighted so that you know that you are holding and using it. The knurling on the barrel is spot on: not so aggressive that it shreds your finger tips but definitely pronounced enough to enable you to maintain firm, positive control. It matches the pen perfectly. Now, when will the fountain pen be ready?

Mechanical Pencil - Brass
Matt Huggins (Chesham, GB)
Love it!

I'll admit, I fell for the mechanical pencil initially based purely on appearance - I haven't used a mechanical pencil since school (a very long time ago!), but was eager to get my hands on this. Yes, it wasn't cheap, and was certainly a case of treating myself, but I don't regret it - it's a joy to hold, and a joy to use - very smooth, such a pleasant writing experience. Currently looking for more excuses to write rather than type!

Wingback Winston (Chestnut)

Reviewed after 1 month use.

Top product... compact, elegant design, quality stitching, neatly finished, and a rich colour (true to the website image). So far, it seems to be good value for an object I use daily.

I carry four cards - two in each slot. They fit comfortably, are easy enough to remove and after some use, seem unlikely to slip. The right side slot with the lower cut is easier to access, the left slot is more secure. I would hesitate to add any more cards in the slots, though you could maybe place one or two more in behind with the notes.

I would happily recommend to someone wanting to carry a more minimal wallet.

Key Loop - Brass
Nicolas Petrone (Fort Lauderdale, US)
This is my second loop key chain as a gift

This is a great item. I own one and just bought a client one that drives a Roa Royce.

100ml Hip - Black Steel
Larry V (Sacramento, US)
A little wonder

Black steel is striking and is stands out. The flask is a real piece of beauty and superbly practical. An heirloom too. Highly recommend!

Key Loop - Brass
Sean Davis (Riverhead, US)
Very handsome key chain!

Found it on YouTube from a reviewer by the name of Jon Gadget, and knew I needed it. Worked perfectly for all my keys, even the car. A+ text inscription.

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Winston Card Holder - Charcoal
Joyce Davies (Woking, GB)
Excellent product

It lovely wallet, very well made and compact. Bought it as a gift for my son who loves is as its classy and well made.
Excellent service too!
Thank you

Card Holder - Chestnut
James Parker (Ashford, GB)
Excellent product, just as described!

I have been looking for a small slim wallet to keep a few cards and notes together for a long time. The wingback was just the product I wanted, excellent quality, quick service and perfect colourways. Can’t recommend enough!

Winston Wallet - Chestnut
Joe Baker (Batley, GB)
My wallet for life

Couldn't be happier with this wallet love everything about it and with how good the quality of it is I'm sure it will last a lifetime which I'm glad about because I never want to be without this wallet now I've got it 👍

Winston Wallet - Whisky
J. (Barnsley, GB)
Winston wallet

It's tricky, this reviewing business. The wallet in itself I can't fault, nicely made and a lovely colour. It's size was clearly depicted by the credit cards in the picture. However, it is rather small in reality.
Now whilst it does hold a reasonable number of cards, I've still had to leave some from my previous wallet. I'm remain a bit dubious about how well it will hold the cards secure should I remove one, perhaps I've forced too many in initially, but a man has to be able to pay for things and enter trust parks and the like...
That being said I've grown attached to my midget in my pocket, would I have bought it initially knowing the true size probably not, would I part with it now that I have it - absolutely not.

Key Loop - Steel
Rey C. (Sanford, US)
Another perfect Wingback item

Wingback has quickly become my favorite shop for stationery and other items. Everything is top notch and they go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say I have nothing negative to say about any of the many Wingback items I own and zero concerns about any of the many future purchases I plan to make.

Winston Wallet - Chestnut
JOHN WALKER (Denpasar, ID)
Excellent Wallet

This is the best wallet I have ever had and I look forward to many years with this little guy as my constant companion.

Mechanical Pen - Black Steel
Rich Wunsch (Hounslow, GB)
Mechanical pen

Thanks Wingback!
The quality and standard of the pen is even better than I could have expected. Looking forward to my next purchase!

Key Loop - Brass
DC Samurai (Annandale, US)
Key cache and key loop

I bought both as they are interchangeable. Great product and because Ethel are brass they give you the heft you want in your hand. The brass also makes them look vintage as well! Received lots of compliments on how they looked and how well manufactured they are. I have some small medication in the cache and use the key loop with my car keys.

Key Cache - Brass
RW (Stockport, GB)
Key Cache - Brass

Really great item. The quality of materials and attention to detail are second to none. Your customer services (Megan) are great too - I had also bought a Winston wallet (under a separate order) - Megan was very helpful in ensuring both items shipped together.

Notebook Cover - Cognac
Tim (Tottenham, GB)
Does not fit an A5 Karst notepad

I had previously read a review that said this did not fit but the response was that the was because it was a moleskine notepad. The Karst one was supposed to fit but it does not. Difficult to see any information on the website as to how and where to return this.

Hi Tim,

I've just sent you a message about your notebook and cover issue. You ordered a Karst notebook and a Moleskine cover which are different sizes.

Take a look at the options I've sent over and get back to me so we can get this sorted for you nice and quickly.



Key Cache - Black Steel
Tim (Tottenham, GB)
Key Cache

I've previously submitted a review for the black key cache which never made it on to the review site. Looks lovely but by the time it was assembled onto the key ring there was already 'flaking' and loss of the black colour cover. Not sure this is particularly resistant.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for getting in touch, your previous review is indeed on our sight with a detailed reply from me. I explain why we can't coat the two items in the same finish and why we then include a steel key ring with every black steel purchase.

Take a look as I believe this will clear things up for you. If you have any further questions please get in contact with me via email, hello@wingback.co.uk.



Winston Card Holder - Charcoal
P. (Varazdinske Toplice, HR)
Wingback Card Holder

Great product, high quality of leather. Exactly what I was looking for in a wallet, small, slim and with a simple design.

Key Loop - Brass
Mark Gooday (Chelmsford, GB)
Fantastic Quality

I love Minimal and wingback products are just that and superb quality.
I've bought 3 items so far and will be back for more!

Key Cache - Black Steel
Iceb3ar666 (Kempen, DE)

Really enjoy the Key Cache. I´ll use it as keyring pendant for the car keys. I´ll keep a small note for emergency cases in the key chache. Altough I have in my my pockets with other keys it shows no signs of usage. Undestructible! Having said this I must admit that the key ring I ordered with the key chache is showing massive signs of usage. The black colour flake off at the edges. This is not a good deal at all.