Wingback is a London based design company founded in 2014 by Alasdair MacLaine. Since its beginnings our goal has always been to offer an alternative to disposable culture, creating beautiful and functional products that are characterised by simplicity and have lives measured in decades, not months.

 We started off as a crowd funded project. After more success than we could have ever hoped for we left our jobs and started building the Wingback brand further. Today we design and make products all our products in our London workshop that we ship all over the world.

We hope you like what you see.



We do all of our design and manufacture in our London Workshop. To make our products and be able to offer them at a reasonable price we have combined digital laser cutting and etching with traditional saddle stitching by hand. The Laser cuts the thread holes and etches inscriptions which not only makes stitching a more accurate and quicker job but also allows unlimited versatility with etching, rather than traditional stamping using a heat press and die.

Wingback recycled packaging 


We are dedicated to minimising the impact we have on the World, that is why all our leather is a by product of the meat industry and is vegetable tanned using the most environmentally friendly processes we could find. All our production happens in London and even our recycled and recyclable pulp packaging has been designed to use as little material as possible.



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