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Own your journey with personalisation

Everyone’s journey is uniquely personal. That’s why most of our products (with few exceptions, like key fobs) can be personalised for you. Perhaps you would like an inspirational quote to spur you on on one of our hip flasks, maybe your initials on a card holder or words of encouragement from someone in your life on one of our handmade leather wallets. 

Let us bring this personal touch to life on metal or leather, thanks to our personalisation process of precision etching. For those who wish to further personalise leather items, we offer a mix of etching and your choice of thread colours. 

Please note: depending on the product involved there might be specific requirements like number of characters.

Write drunk, edit sober

Turn a tool into a treasure by adding an inscription. All Wingback’s are built to last, so add some words that remind you of you or a loved one that can be passed down through the generations. With 35 characters to tinker with, you can add a name or a quote that holds importance to you.

What a ride

All of our leather items can be personalised, and some are large enough for two inscriptions. From 20 characters on the outside of our wallets to 250 on the inside of our refillable notebooks, there is enough to fit the words that matter most.

For the boldest engravings, choose a lighter colour to make it stand out.

one for the road

The bottom of our flasks not only can be used to open up your favourite bottle of beer, you can also add a personal message to make it uniquely yours, or to give yourself a reminder to drink some water.

With up to 50 characters available for engraving, it’s perfect for adding a short personal note when giving it as a gift.

Keep your keys

Add a phone number as an inscription to your key carry so they can find their way back to you. Or to make a gift extra special, add the initials or nickname of a loved one. Use it as a chance to get creative with your 25 character inscription.