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Key Cache - Black Steel

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  • Minimal, machined, stainless steel cache
  • Scratch resistant tungsten carbide finish (3.5x harder than titanium)
  • Fits onto your keyring while hiding a secure compartment
  • Fits at least one banknote plus a note with your vital details
  • Hermetically sealed to keep its contents dry
  • Add personalisation of up to six characters, laser engraved on the base
  • Manufactured in the UK from aerospace-grade stainless steel
  • Available in our other metals
  • Backed by our guarantee - Try for 30 days. Keep for 30 years.

  • A machined stash for your emergency cash.

    Cache (kash) [noun]

    1. a hidden place for provisions, valuables, treasure – as used by explorers or adventurers

    2. a secure place of storage

    The Wingback Key Cache is designed to enhance and complement your everyday carry, while discreetly adding functionality. 

It neatly clips onto your keyring and contains a secure compartment to store banknotes and an “if found” note in case your keys go missing. Having emergency cash tucked away will spare your blushes if you forget your wallet. It could even save your bacon on your travels – a backup $100 note can get you out of a lot of tricky situations. Machined from a solid bar of aerospace-grade stainless steel, the Key Cache has been designed to last for decades, not months. For video instructions on how to fold the notes to fit inside, click here.

  • Metal: Aerospace grade stainless steel from Europe, CNC machined in Birmingham, UK. Tungsten carbide carbon finish applied in Cambridge, UK.

    Keyring: As above (included with your Key Cache).

    Sleeve: Oeko-Tex double thickness cotton sleeve from Poland, Europe.

    Finish: Laser engraved, assembled by hand and packaged in London, UK.

  • Dimensions: 40.50mm x 13.6mm diameter (outer), 31mm x 10mm diameter (inner)

    Capacity: Fits GBP, EURO, USD and every other note we have tested (the maximum size we have tried is 160mm x 82mm)

    Engraving: All inscriptions are in capital letters and run across the base of the Key Cache

    Considerations: The Black Steel key cache retains all the precision and corrosion-resistant qualities of stainless steel, while the tungsten carbide finish increases the surface hardness 9x. Any marks it picks up from regular use should be easily wiped away. However, the surface is scratch resistant, not scratch proof. Anything harder than the surface (diamond, some ceramics) or really aggressive use will be able to scratch it, but most items you would carry in your pocket shouldn't. Just remember to carry your diamonds in a separate pocket!

  • It takes a few days to make each product to order but this ensures every item is one of a kind and nothing goes to waste. We aim to dispatch all orders within seven working days and often a lot sooner. You'll receive an estimated dispatch day in your order confirmation email. Click here for the most up to date shipping information.


"There are plenty of black metal pens out there. But I’m not sure how many can boast the durability of a tungsten carbide finish."

Customer Reviews

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My second Key Cache

I purchased the first on a Kickstarter promotion, and while I haven't yet found it necessary to use the bill stashed inside, it is comforting to know that emergency funds are close at hand.
The second one was sent to my granddaughter so she could have the same confidence. Both she and her mother approve.


Such a well engineered and made product. Despite it's tiny size you really can get a £20 note in !! Thankfully have never needed it yet, but then, have barely left the house in months anyway. Thank You all at Wingback, amazing workmanship

Genuine emergency cash!

Hi friends at wingback, I just wanted to let you know this quick testimony.

This morning there was an earthquake in Mexico city. As you can probably understand, we rush down from our apartment, my dog without the leash, my girlfriend grabbing the keys and phones, and me, barefoot and rushing downstairs. After all the shock was done, and we were outside with nothing on us, my girlfriend needed something to calm down, so we went for a cup of coffee to one of the next door businesses in the street.

They had cash only service, and we did not have our wallets with us, I mean I was barefoot and only a t-shirt. But we had my house keys on the Key Cache. I had used the emergency cash before, but this was the first time that it was for an actual emergency. I could have needed cash money for an emergency patch for someone injured, for something at the drugstore, to move around town, to use a pay phone if I could find one.

Thank you guys for making products that actually work, and when needed, are reliable. You can always count on me as a customer.

Best regards from Mexico

A god send for my hearing aid batteries

Discrete, but solid and comforting to hold & twist, my Key Cache has been a God send so many times in the last 9 months - I’ve worn hearing aids all my life and never found a way to make sure I have spare batteries on me. Dates can end awkwardly & silently, meetings have been totally misheard and opportunities have been surely missed. The Cache subtly holds 3-4 batteries and has been my saving grace countless times already as it sits with my keys and therefore with me at all times. The inscription (my initials) just simply adds another touch of class to such a personal and convenient edition to my EDC.


So happy I secured myself a key cache of this limited edition in black Steel! Perfectly handcrafted - this will last for Ages!