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Wear and Care

We forge luxury goods to stand the test of time, no matter the hard knocks and dings your adventures bring. A few scrapes here and there are just the nature of everyday carry, but with the right care, the marks your beloved wallet, flask or bag picks up will gradually develop into a rich patina, adding to the character of a hard-wearing product, designed for life. 

To make the most of your product, we've created detailed guides to help you keep it looking its best.

If you so choose, they can also be restored to their original glory. 

Read on and find out about caring for your Wingback.


Sourced from a family-run tannery in the Italian town of Santa Croce sull'Arno near Florence then meticulously handmade in London, our leather products may feel stiff and the card pockets tight, but over the first few days of use the leather will slightly soften and fit like a glove around its contents. Over time your Wingback will age beautifully, developing a unique signature of markings and trophies of the journeys you've shared together. 


Sourced from Europe and CNC machined in Birmingham, our metal products are aero-space grade, high quality and built to last for the long haul. Steel is virtually maintenance free, while brass offers a more organic look and feel.

Brass will develop a unique patina over time, but can be polished back to its original glory. 


Handmade in England, built from 100% organic, weatherproof, planet-friendly waxed cotton and world class hardware that's purpose-built for adventure.

The fabric will develop over the years, and depending on use, a service can easily be done with simple household products. 

Waxed cotton is a low-maintenance material and doesn’t require too much upkeep. If it picks any little bits of dirt or grime, use a dry cloth, brush or lint roller to remove it from the waxed cotton surface.