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Article: New product: A painstakingly simple design.

New product: A painstakingly simple design. - WINGBACK

New product: A painstakingly simple design.

Here is our new wallet, we listened to what you asked for, added features and removed material over and over again to develop a new wallet to be proud of. Efficiently designed. Easily made. A pleasure to use.

What do people dislike about their current wallet? How often do they use it each day? Which pocket do they keep it in? Which way round does it sit in that pocket? How many cards do people carry? ....?

These are a few of the questions we asked when researching and designing for our new wallet.

We got heaps of feedback from current users of our Card Holder and spoke to loads more about their receptacles for all things money related. Here are a few of the features you asked for:

- "Space for more cards"

- "A lining that doesn't rip"

- "Not boring"

- "Use my contactless card without taking it out"

- "Something that doesn't bulge out of my pocket"

We solved a few of these issues with our original card holder; we replaced traditional wallet lining and thin leather with beefy 1.5mm hide, we offered it in a range of colours with a range of threads and kept it all in an ultra slim package with no needless features.

 Onto the new.

"We wanted to add extra capacity yet keep it minimal, increase security yet maintain accessibility and above all keep the design pure, honest and intuitive."

We went through 23 iterations to create this wallet: Trying out different folding schemes, card access points and making tiny tweaks to dimensions to ensure the Wallet worked perfectly after wearing in.

We wanted to keep the benefits of our card holder but add some extras with an additional slot:

- Extra split capacity. Hold an extra 5 cards, separate contactless cards and use without removing them.

- Easy access. Push or pull your cards out from the slot, opening the wallet presents cards to you giving a good grip to take them out.

- Keep uber secure. When folded down, the slot locks your cards off so they cant be removed.

It's finished and ready, we think you'll really enjoy using it.

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