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Article: The Designer's Mechanical Pencil X Artist Opportunity

Wingback Mechanical Pencil X Artist Collaboration

The Designer's Mechanical Pencil X Artist Opportunity

Submissions are now closed. A huge thanks to everyone who entered. We will announce the winner in our monthly newsletter later in April.

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To celebrate the launch of our new Mechanical Pencil – now funding on Kickstarter – we have teamed up with select artists, illustrators and even cartographers from around the world for special edition collaborations.

Now we are looking for an artist, illustrator, designer, doodler, amateur or professional to partner with for our fourth and final limited edition spot.

The winner will have their design laser engraved along the barrel of our brass and stainless steel Mechanical Pencil, which will be made available on our Kickstarter page for the remainder of the campaign.

The artist will also win their own limited edition Mechanical Pencil featuring their artwork, plus five more to gift to friends and family.



As you will see from our previous collaborations below, bold line drawings work well as the laser engraving can accurately pick out intricate detail. However, colour and shading doesn't work so well.

The Mechanical Pencil "canvas" is 29.85mm width x 65.00mm height. The design can feature on just one section or wrap around the barrel of the pencil. If the latter it will need to work as one continuous design, such as Lei Melendres' example below.

If you have a design ready to go, we will ideally need a vector file, but a hi-res jpeg or png of your submission will be fine too. We'll also need the name of your design and a brief description about your artwork.

So to clarify:

- We're looking for black and white artwork
- Line drawings work well
- Try to avoid large areas of shading – good use of negative space works best
- The Pencil's canvas size is 29.85mm width x 65.00mm height



To enter, please send your submission to

Entries close at midnight on Sunday 11 April so get your submissions in quick.

We can't wait to see what you come up with.


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To get the creative juices flowing, below is a gallery of our previous artist collaborations, two of which are available to back on our Kickstarter this month.


The Mechanical Pencil X Anoushka Irukandji The Mechanical Pencil X Anoushka Irukandji


Wingback Mechanical Pencil X Anoushka Irukandji

Anoushka's design is inspired by the nature around her home-town of Brisbane


Wingback Steel Mechanical Pen X tattoo-artist Delphin Musquet

The stainless steel Mechanical Pen X London tattoo-artist Delphin Musquet


Wingback Mechanical Pencil X Mister ViThe Mechanical Pencil X New York-based illustrator Mister Vi

 Wingback Mechanical Pen X Lei Melendres Our 2019 Mechanical Pen featuring Lei Melendres' wraparound doodle art

 Wingback Mechanical Pen in steel X illustrator Kerby RosanesThe Mechanical Pen in stainless steel X illustrator Kerby Rosanes


Hi Joe, if the demand gets loud enough it’s something we might have to consider. Drop our team a note on and maybe we can work something out.

Charlie from Wingback

Are there any plans to do an “encore” and bring back the Lei Melendres design for the mechanical pencil?

Joe Mallen

Cheers Joseph and James (twice). Very kind. Know any artists who might want to submit artwork for the final special edition slot?

Charlie from Wingback

Every product that I have bought from Wingback has exceeded my expectations and then some.
My favourite items have been the flasks which I have bought two and the pen.
You can’t buy better than Wingback.


Every product that I have bought from Wingback has exceeded my expectations and then some.
My favourite items have been the flasks which I have bought two and the pen.
You can’t buy better than Wingback.


Amazing looking and sturdy ….item to truly be treasured for decades .

Joseph defranco

Hi John, thanks. Looking forward to seeing your submission.

Charlie from Wingback

Wonderful giveaway thanks for the chance of entering.

John Kilkelly

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