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Article: Wilder X Wingback

Wilder Notebooks X Wingback Travel Wallet - British made wallets and stationery

Wilder X Wingback

Here we reveal our latest brand partnership with new British stationers Wilder, whose notebooks slip seamlessly into our Winston Travel Wallet.

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Wilder X Wingback 

We believe the tools you carry everyday should become valued companions on your journey. That goes for the products we use too. On the lookout for a pocket-sized notebook we discovered new British stationery brand Wilder.

Wilder's responsibly-sourced notebooks are made from one of the last mills left in Aberdeen, renowned for its quality and consistency. Their pocket-friendly size and use of exceptional natural materials make them the perfect partner for our Tuscan-leather Winston Travel Wallets.

Read on to learn more about Wilder and our partnership or tap below to shop our notebook and travel wallet collection and get set for your next adventure.

Shop Wilder Notebooks X Wingback Travel Wallet
"Good design is about creating a product that fulfils a function reliably, is enjoyable to use, and then slips discreetly into the background when not required."

~ Alasdair, Wingback Founder


Shop pocket sized notebooks by Wilder

Inspired by adventure

Wilder is the creation of founders Rupert and Sarah Marlow. They chanced upon the idea of starting a stationery brand after an adventure around the Scottish coast in 2020 led to a much-needed digital detox.

"When we returned home, we researched the very best papers, testing dozens of samples and selecting the most buttery-smooth, nib-friendly one we could find," explains Rupert.

Eventually they landed on their design, sought out a local, independent manufacturer and watched their first notebooks coming off the press.

Wilder notebooks – a Scottish-made heavyweight pocket book

Why notebooks in a digital world?

"If you’ve ever experienced the joy of channeling your thoughts through a favourite pen or pencil onto a fresh clean sheet of paper, you already know the answer," says Wilder co-founder Rupert Marlow.

Countless studies back the idea that journaling supports both physical and mental health and wellbeing. That choosing the slower pace of handwriting over the frenetic rush of typing aids learning and understanding.

"Wilder. is our way of encouraging people to experience these benefits - and more - while supporting traditional British craftsmanship and celebrating exceptional quality," adds Rupert.
Shop Wilder notebooks and Wingback Winston Travel Wallet

Pocket Notebook X Travel Wallet

Wilder's paper is Forest Stewardship Council accredited, the inks are vegan, and the books are fully recyclable – but we're sure you’ll want to keep them long after use as a nostalgic archive of past musings.

Their notebooks are the perfect partner to our Tuscan leather Winston Travel Wallet. Their pocket-friendly size is ideal whenever you need to jot down a private thought or draw a simple sketch.

Whether your preference is the effortless glide of a fountain pen or the scratch of a sharpened pencil, these finely crafted notebooks will serve you equally well.

Wilder notebooks and Wingback Winston Travel Wallet collection

"We hope you love our products. Most of all we hope you take more moments to step out of the day-to-day, to put pen or pencil to paper, and to discover what happens when you reconnect with yourself. Enjoy"

~ Rupert, Wilder Co-Founder

Shop personalised stationery and leather notebook covers by Wingback

Wilder's notebooks come in a set of three. Choose from lined, blank or dotted pages, or one of each. Shop the collection here.

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We are very proud to have this partnership going with Wingback. We’re never far from one of your products and they’re never far from ours… thank you.

Rupert Marlow

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