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Article: Breaking In Your Leather Wallet

How to break in your leather wallet
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Breaking In Your Leather Wallet

Wingback wallets are designed to help minimise your everyday carry. Yet, like a good pair of leather shoes, they can be a tight squeeze at first. Here's how to break in your new wallet to fit everything you need.

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Since 2014 we've designed wallets from full-grain Tuscan leather that help streamline your daily carry and sit comfortably in your pocket.

Our most minimal, the Wingback Card Holder, packs in 5+ cards and a handful of folded banknotes. Our most versatile, the Winston Wallet, accommodates 4-12 cards and 20+ notes laid flat. Each one is designed to get better with age and develop a unique patina over time.

However, when box fresh, the leather can feel tight or rigid around the folds and the card pocket might seem impossibly tight. This is normal and after a few days of use the leather will gradually soften and conform to snugly fit its contents.

Wingback Cash Wallet - store up to five cards

For that reason, you can gradually increase your wallet's capacity but not reduce it – unless you're talking about the Winston Card Holder, which is designed with hidden leaf springs to keep its contents tight whether carrying one of 10 cards.

To increase your wallet's card capacity add an extra card every day until the wallet fits your desired total. After a few weeks of regular use the leather should develop a beautiful softness, moulded by your pocket.

To keep the leather looking its best, we recommend treating your wallet with leather conditioner once a year. It will also help tighten up the pockets ever so slightly in case you did want to discard a card or two.

For tips on how to clean and maintain your leather wallet, click here.

Wingback wallets are designed to get better with age, developing a unique patina with daily use

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For more wear, care and breaking in instructions, visit our support section here

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