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Everyday Sling 2.5L


A planet-friendly and weatherproof go to for any traveller. This 2.5L sling is handmade in England, using 100% organic weatherproof waxed cotton from Scotland and carefully waxed to protect from weather. It features a double lining for heightened protection and has been meticulously sewn and manufactured in London. Featuring a convenient clamshell/flat-lay opening design, with two YKK zippered pockets capable of accommodating an A5 notebook each. Perfectly stitched compartments provide the perfect compartments for accessories such as tools, earpods, and pens. The bag is equipped with 25mm webbing in an H shape across the back, along with an easy-to-use handle crafted from webbing, which also serves as attachment points for halo and extension straps. It is finished with bespoke knurled Wingback zippers for added durability and style.