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Hi-Polymer Lead


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Our lead is made made specifically for the mechanical pencil, it has a hi-polymer content to reduce the risk of breakage and has a particularly smooth feel on the page.

Customer Reviews

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Adam Watchorn (Stockport, GB)
Love love love my Wingback stuff!

I now own the pen, pencil and notebook cover and I've ordered the Winston wallet that should be arriving soon. I'd love it if you guys did a foldable 12" rule from stainless steel and brass (better than the ones already on the market, have a look you'll see what I mean, a brand similar but no where near as good as Wingback do one). This would allow even more Wingback stuff into my everyday life. 😊


Great so far.

Massimo Gillardi (Turin, IT)
Pencil Mister Vi

The brass pencil is mechanically perfect and of excellent workmanship, but the laser engraving of Mister Vi absolutely disappointed me, too small you do not see any detail and it looks like a dark spot.
Too bad because from the images of your site it looked excellent.
In this I was disappointed.
Gillardi Massimo Giuseppe

Hi Massimo,

Thanks for the feedback. The Mister Vi artwork was especially intricate and detailed so it doesn't engrave quite as boldly as the other designs which are purely line work.

Hopefully this doesn't spoil the actual pencil for you but please do get in touch via email if you want to talk further and exchange the design for something else.



G. (Edinburgh, GB)
Brass Mechanical Pencil

This is a very well designed and engineered mechanical pencil. It exudes quality in all aspects. My only minor and personal critique is that I find it a little small, both length and girth wise. That is a preference and it is possibly dependent on the size of one’s hands. It would be even better if WIngback offered a larger range, as found, for example, with Montblanc (Le Grand).

RK (London, GB)
Great lead, smooth!

Great pencil lead, nice colour and buttery feeling on paper. Doesn’t smudge or blunt during writing. However Minor point, does tend to snap a fair amount.