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Article: EVERYDAY PACK 101

Gif of the inner lining colour options of the Everyday Pack by Wingback
wear and care


Wingback bags are built to last, made from organic, waxed cotton from Scotland. Use this guide to make the most of your new Wingback.

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The Everyday Pack is a 21 litre capacity, weatherproof, planet-friendly waxed cotton backpack that's as at home on a commute through the city as atop the UK's highest peaks.

Every feature has been refined to ensure it's a pleasure to use. The main clam shell pocket allows for easy packing and access to everything at once.

A padded 16" laptop compartment can double as a hydration bladder pocket for your weekend hike. And a cushioned internal sleeve and gusseted zip pocket fits a tablet or notebook, along with other valuable items.

But of course, you know that already.

If you've found this section of our site it's so you can make the most of your new purchase.

In the below video we've broken down the Everyday Pack's key features to ensure everything is in its rightful place for your next adventure.

The Everyday Pack is compatible with reinforced Halo Straps, designed to add versatility for your commute and beyond. Take a closer look here.

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The Everyday Pack includes three additional features you might not have immediately spotted, each designed to enhance the experience of using the bag for your daily commute or weekend escape.

 1. Hidden Valuables Pocket

You can find this discreet pocket on the side of your pack towards the bottom. There's room enough for your wallet, phone, keys or other valuables.

2. Wraparound Halo Handles

Reinforced halo webbing wraps around the pack to allow for versatile carry. These also double as points to fit detachable straps for external storage or support.

3.  Detachable Halo Straps

The Everyday Pack is compatible with reinforced cotton webbing straps for external storage or improved load support. Take a closer look at all luggage accessories here.

Gif showing the versatility of the Everyday Pack by Wingback


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For more wear, care and breaking in instructions, visit our support section here.

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