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South American Rainforest - Photo by Etienne Delorieux on Unsplash
black steel


The Problem With Black Friday


Every year Black Friday presents us with a bit of a conundrum.

We know it’s a popular time for people to shop ahead of Christmas, and for obvious reasons more people will be shopping online rather than in store this year.

But this weekend’s shopping bonanza is predicted to be the biggest Black Friday ever, triggering a tidal wave of carbon dioxide emissions from vehicle delivery companies.

For all the environmental respite reduced travel has given our planet, we risk undoing it all in one deal-frenzied weekend.

However, we believe we have a solution.

Or at least a temporary remedy until we fulfil our ambition of becoming a carbon negative business.

South American rainforest - Photo by Berend Leupen on Unsplash

What’s our Black Friday solution?


For every person who orders a Pre-Order Black Steel Collector’s Set this weekend, we’ll offset 100% of their carbon footprint for the past six months.


That equates to 2.4 tonnes of CO₂ emissions per person*.

Drawn back underground. Out of harm's way.

To achieve this we’re buying carbon credits through forest conservation organisation Pachama to fund reforestation initiatives across South America and Africa.

Since May we’ve been contributing to the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon, via Pachama and Shopify, to offset 100% of all carbon emissions generated from our deliveries.

To date these contributions have supported the protection of an estimated 19,117.3 m² of rainforest, the equivalent of 2,526 tree seedlings.

So this Black Friday weekend, every Pre-Order Black Steel Collector’s Set sold will count towards another 2.4 tonnes of CO₂ captured.

And more of this planet’s beautiful rainforest protected.

Wingback Black Steel Collector's Set

What’s in the Black Steel Collector’s Set?


The Collector’s Set is made up of our Mechanical Pen, Key Cache and 100ml Hip Flask, designed with a majestic tungsten carbide surface finish that’s 3.5x harder than titanium.

They’ll be the last pen, key cache and flask you’ll ever need.

This weekend is the last chance to order them at their pre-order price, making you a combined saving of £65 if you order by Monday 30 November (aka Cyber Monday).

Shop Black Steel Collector's Sets here.


Black Steel Collector's Sets by Wingback


*In 2017 the Global Carbon Project and the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Centre (CDIAC) calculated the average person emits 4.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide globally each year. Data compiled by Our World in Data.


For Christmas 2020 we've also released Collector's Sets for travel, for your home office and for your everyday carry. Shop all Collector's Sets here.

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I have purchased several items from Wingback over the last eighteen months, all of which have been of incredible quality and innovation. The finish on everything is superlative, as is their customer service. I collect Mont Blanc pens, yet my pen of daily choice, is my steel Wingback. Just brilliant. Thanks Alasdair to Wingback and to all of your committed staff. 🌈👍😎

David McMullin

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