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Article: Designs: The Cash Wallet

Designs: The Cash Wallet - WINGBACK
Cash wallet

Designs: The Cash Wallet

Wingback products are designed for any journey, from commutes through the capital to adventures along the Jurassic Coast. Each one has a tale to tell that’s every bit as unique as its owner. Here we delve deeper into the making of our best-seller, the Wingback Cash Wallet.


The Wingback Cash Wallet 

Our third wallet design, the Cash Wallet is a creation of contrasts – uniting the soft, natural qualities of premium Tuscan leather with the bold, man-made elegance of machined metal.



Wingback Cash Wallet production

Wingback Cash Wallet production cutting


The Old With The New

Following the launch of the minimal Card Holder and roomier Card Wallet, we started designing a new product that could accommodate more cash and allow us to experiment with new materials.

With ease of use always at the heart of our designs, our goal was to create a slim wallet that securely held your cash in place but allowed quick access to your cards from the top, even when closed.

The solution: a wrapped two-piece leather design secured with a metal fastener. However, we weren't happy with the fastener options available off the shelf. So we designed our own.

Cut from a solid block of brass or stainless steel, each precisely machined metal cap features our motto “For Your Journey” stamped on the inside. United with our premium Italian leather, it completes a wallet we’re confident will age impeccably, yet uniquely, developing real character with wear and care.

Wingback Cash Wallet production riveting

Wingback Cash Wallet production metal fastener

Made The Right Way

We're proud to to say every Cash Wallet is made by hand in our London workshop.

We buy our vegetable-tanned leather from our partner tannery in Italy, where we have the backs sealed by a specialist UK company so there’s no need to line it with any extra material.

Once the hide is marked, cut, bevelled and burnished, 87 stitch holes are made in each wallet using our laser cutter for ultimate precision. Heat generated from the 0.1mm beam seals the leather for a sharp finish and we use the same method to etch the highly detailed graphics and letters onto the front, inside fold and reverse of each wallet.


Wingback Cash Wallet packaging
Wingback Cash Wallet packaging 2

Thinking Outside The Box

Once the etching is complete, the two pieces of leather that make up the Cash Wallet are hand stitched together using coloured heavy gauge thread. We use a saddle stitch method – a step that is much more durable than a machined stitch and won’t unravel after years or even decades of use.

Last but not least, our custom designed metal fasteners are riveted into place by hand – using a fair bit of elbow grease – then inspected, cleaned and finally tucked into their unique packaging sleeve.

This is no ordinary sleeve. We painstakingly designed and refined our packaging from recycled and recyclable pulp to use as little material as possible, and sourced the materials from a paper factory in east London, a stone’s throw from our workshop.

We hope you’ll enjoy unboxing your Cash Wallet as much as we enjoyed designing it.

Wingback Cash Wallet cognac
Wingback Cash Wallet cognac 2

Wingback Cash Wallet leather ageing process

You can shop the Cash Wallet here. If you have any questions about the finished product, let us know in the comments box below or leave a review  here.

Further reading: Discover how we designed our original creation, the Wingback Card Holder. 

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