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Article: Kim Becker x Wingback

Kim Becker x Wingback - WINGBACK

Kim Becker x Wingback

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Small, simple shapes are home to entire universes in Kim Becker’s cosmic iconography. Her incredibly detailed miniatures capture scenes like those of mountain ranges against star-laden skies.They are witty, ethereal, Escher-esque optical illusions that dance between fine line work and sumptuous shading, bewitching the eyes and propelling the mind to astronomical heights.


Kim Becker Designs


As an experienced graphic designer and someone who has been drawing for as long as she can remember, Kim's love of artistic creation stems from the joy and peace of mind it provides her when working. When you get lost in her starry, silent, enchanting nightscapes, it's not hard to imagine why that's the case.


Line drawing by Kim Becker

We’re over the moon (pun intended) to have Kim as a collaborator. Inspired by the sense of freedom you feel on a long road trip, she’s chosen to convey the imposing majesty of the great saguaro cactus. Perhaps the most well-known of all cactus plants due to its iconic silhouette, the emblem depicts a long road into unknown frontiers, encouraging the mind to seek out its own adventures in new and uncharted territories.









Custom leather wallet by Winback


From the rugged skull in the foreground to the scorching sun in the distance, this drawing is a true testament to the unforgiving American desert, and could hardly be a better complement to the natural colouring of our handmade leather. 


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