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Article: Earth Day: How To Show Your Support

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1% for the Planet

Earth Day: How To Show Your Support

Five ways you can invest in our planet this Earth Day.

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Every year on April 22nd the world unites behind a global movement to drive positive action for our planet. It's a cause especially close to our hearts – as it should be for all of Earth's inhabitants – as we stand as an antidote to disposable culture and fast fashion.

We appreciate that making any tangible product can draw vital resources out of our planet, which is why it has always been our mission to create exceptional everyday items that will be cherished day after day, decade after decade.

It's also why we have committed to donate 1% of all sales to support environmental causes, such as the vital work of Fauna & Flora International, the world's oldest wildlife conservation organisation.

Earth Day's equally urgent cause has been championed since its conception in 1970, and today there are countless ways to show your support and get involved. Here we have drawn up five ways you can show your support for Earth Day today – and every day.
Shop local - 5 ways to get involved with Earth Day this year

#1 Reduce

Starting with what's on your plate.

Calculate your climate "foodprint" to understand how dietary choices impact your environment. Then shop local to reduce your impact further.

Take action: use these tools from Earth Day to calculate your impact.

Reuse - use this plastic calculator to establish how your household can reduce plastic consumption via Earth Day


#2 Reuse

The average person uses 156 plastic bottles per year, yet, globally, 91% are never recycled.

By 2050, it's predicted there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

Take action: use this plastic calculator to establish how your household can reduce plastic consumption.

 Recycle - close up of the recycled and recyclable packaging from Wingback

#3 Recycle

Volunteer your free time. Volunteer at work. Volunteer while you work out.

Join The Great Global Cleanup or sign the Global Plastics Treaty Position.

Take action: use this interactive map to find community events happening near you, from litter picks to panel discussions.

Test your climate literacy - how you can get involved with Earth Day

#4 Test your climate literacy

Action requires education.

How much do you know about environmental literacy?

Take action: test your knowledge with this short quiz. We got 8 out of 10. Can you beat our score?

Buy less, buy better - machined brass stationery and key carry from Wingback

#5 Buy less, buy better

The fashion industry is responsible for 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. But we can accelerate change by committing to responsible consumption and voting with our wallets by supporting sustainable fashion.

How? By looking out for brands signed up to initiatives like 1% for the Planet and Carbon Neutral, or those that have earned B Corp status.

Remember, however, these steps can be costly for very small businesses, so if shopping local, enquire about their sustainability practices.

Take action: test your knowledge with this sustainable fashion quiz.

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Learn more about the approaches FFI takes to conserve global biodiversity here and read more about our environmental commitments here.

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