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Article: Osman Mansaray x Wingback

Osman Mansaray x Wingback - WINGBACK

Osman Mansaray x Wingback

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An Osman Mansaray drawing is designed with such elegant proportions that each one feels like a sacred talisman, channeling the spirit of the animal or landscape it depicts. Whether it’s the wolf or the stag, the eagle or the mountain, gazing at these contemporary totems transports you straight to the American wilderness where they reside.


Osman Mansaray Bear

via @os_mansaray


Evoking the untamed beauty of the continent’s great parks, dancing harmoniously between shadow and light, and achieving a level of depth and texture uncanny to monochrome imagery, Osman’s style has proved to be the perfect adornment to a Wingback piece.


Osman Mansaray Heart
Heart by @Os_Mansaray

Based in Richmond, Virginia, outdoor adventurist Osman Mansaray developed his talent under the tutelage of his father, who would take him to parks and show him how to draw trees and birds from a young age. While his work has retained a childlike sense of wonder at the natural world over the years, his skill has surely matured into that of a well-practiced craftsman. For his collaboration with Wingback, Osman presents his Shaggy Bear.

Osman Mansaray Shaggy Bear
Shaggy Bear


Regal, pensive, fierce and tender: the Bear represents an ideal for it’s viewer to strive towards, and epitomises the character of Osman’s artistry. “Shaggy bear is both serious by the look of the design, and of course not so serious by its name, to me its an attempt to strike an important balance. Both in life and in art, we have to be serious about what we do, but not so serious that all the fun is lost.” Osman reflects.


Wingback X Osman Mansaray custom wallet
Limited Edition Cash Wallet


We’re immensely proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with such a talented illustrator, and to be able to share his vision with you. 

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