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Pen/Pencil Holder - Black Steel

This product is currently sold out but will be back soon in limited runs, sign up to find out when the next limited batch is available.
  • Machined, solid stainless steel pen stand
  • Scratch resistant tungsten carbide finish (3.5x harder than titanium)
  • Precisely designed for the Mechanical Pen
  • Doubles as a reliable paper weight
  • Manufactured in the UK from aerospace-grade stainless steel
  • Available with personalised engraving around the top
  • Available in our other metals
  • Backed by our guarantee - Try for 30 days. Keep for 30 years.

  • Elevate your home desk setup.

    The Wingback Pen Holder uses the same materials and draws on the same design principles as our Mechanical Pen: useful, enduring and iconic. CNC machined from a solid block of aerospace-grade stainless steel, our limited edition Black Steel version features a tungsten carbide surface finish. It will take pride of place on your desk, providing a reliable and eye-catching home for your favourite stationery tool.

  • MetalAerospace grade stainless steel from Europe, CNC machined in Birmingham, UK. Tungsten carbide carbon finish applied in Cambridge, UK.

    Sleeve: Oeko-Tex double thickness cotton sleeve from Poland, Europe.

    Finish: Laser engraved and packaged in London, UK.

  • Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm diameter

    Weight: 180g

    Engraving: All inscriptions are in capital letters and run around the top of the Pen Holder.

    Considerations: The black steel Pen Holder retains all the precision and corrosion-resistant qualities of stainless steel, while the tungsten carbide finish increases the surface hardness 9x. Any marks it picks up from regular use should be easily wiped away. However, the surface is scratch resistant, not scratch proof. Anything harder than the surface (diamond, some ceramics) or really aggressive use will be able to scratch it, which is why we recommend keeping it in its cotton sleeve when in transit, and carrying your diamonds in another pocket. Note: the black steel finish is not applied on the inside of the Pen Holder.

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"Designed to be in service for generations" ~ Wired

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Edward (Manchester, GB)
Great accessory

I have both the pen and pencil in brass, I bought the holder with the pen a few months before the pen, but it's usable interchangeably with both.

It looks great, either with the pen/pencil in it or as a standalone item on my desk, and it's surprising weight means it's an ideal paperweight that isn't bulky or crude. A number of colleagues have complimented it. Great, classy addition to your office desk or WFH set-up.

Jenny Birtwistle (Upper Norwood, GB)
I just love it!

As a busy person of a certain age I am telling you that this fabulous little pen holder has transformed my head space! Not only does it look a million dollars, it also makes me feel like a million dollars too! No longer searching high and low for where I may have left my beautiful pen I reach for it instantly tucked securely in its place and ready for me to action the decision of the moment! Thank you for a brilliant product Wingback.

Colin H (Rotherham, GB)
Just pure quality

The sheer quality from Wingback never fails to disappoint, I have never been even slightly underwhelmed by any of the products at all. Style, substance and sheer perfection always. Just waiting for a fountain pen now please.

Christopher Cooper (Singapore, SG)
Lovely pencil - would love a G2 compatible pen ;-)

In brass the Wingback pencil is wonderful - the shape and weight works beautifully with my preferred 2B Uni lead. The Japanese lead mechanism seems as reliable as the best like Uni.
Loving the weight and knurling on this brass pencil made me look at the Wingback pen - but the Fisher ballpoint refill is shorter than a standard Parker G2, which excludes all the great gel ink refills like Schneider Gelion 39 or Scmift Easyflow. A real shame, that (unless a modified shorter knock would enable the slightly longer G2 size to work in the same body?).

Angel (York, GB)
Beautiful, stylish and well made

I’m so happy with my brass pencil holder and it holds our Last Maps x wingback pencil beautifully. It’s so stylish just like all their other products. Couldn’t recommend Wingback more!