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March 12, 2021 3 min read 3 Comments


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In recognition of International Women's Day this week, and ahead of Mother's Day this weekend, we’re celebrating the brilliant female colleagues and collaborators that have shaped Wingback over the years.


Masha and Megan of Wingback - International Women's Day 


Masha was one of Wingback’s first hires. Without her helping us fulfil early Kickstarter campaigns it’s likely Wingback wouldn’t exist today. If you have one of our wallets in your possession, chances are Masha was involved in hand stitching it together.

Last year we welcomed Megs aboard. Our driving force and operational compass, she keeps the Wingback ship afloat, and ensures Alasdair and Sam don’t steer it too far off course. Often, she’s also the first point of contact with our community and a large reason our customers continue to leave such glowing feedback.

Learn more about the team behind Wingback here.


Kim Becker's Saguaro Cactus design for our limited edition collaboration - Wingback


In 2018 we were privileged to run a limited edition collaboration with two spellbinding illustrators, Kim Becker and Anoushka Irukandji. Kim, an experienced graphic designer from Germany, chose to convey the great saguaro cactus from recollections of road trips across America, in the leather of our Cash Wallet.

Australian-based artist Anoushka, on the other hand, drew inspiration from the ancient practice of henna. Both of them undoubtedly elevated our wallets from simple utilitarian tools into canvasses for their masterful creativity – and we can’t wait to collaborate with more skilled artists.

Have someone in mind? Drop a link to their work in the comments below.

See more of Kim's work here and Anoushka's work here.


Mary - Architect and Wingback Founder Alasdair's grandmother


Mary is the grandmother of Wingback founder Alasdair. An architect by profession, her work has had a formative influence on Wingback designs ever since Alasdair first discovered her sketchbooks as a child.

“When we visited my grandparents I wasn’t allowed in my grandfather's workshop so I’d spend time looking through grandma’s sketches,” Alasdair explains. “The details she imagined were so intricate and precise."

Alasdair remembers being taken past the first building she ever designed, a little house in Wellow, Somerset. "Being able to see what she had imagined, then drawn, then created was incredible.”

Mary’s influence continues to shape our designs, as you’ll see once we launch our next product later this spring. Sign up to our mailing list here so you don’t miss it.

A snapshot of Mary's early sketches that inspired Wingback founder Alasdair

We Are A Work In Progress

We’re proud to celebrate the women that have shaped Wingback over the years, yet we know design and engineering are industries heavily dominated by men. The onus will be on businesses small and large to keep pushing for greater diversity and inclusion across the board.

"At Dyson, where I started out, we recognised the immense value of a diverse team of engineers and designers to help shape the company’s direction," Alasdair says, reflecting on his former role as Innovation Engineer at British tech company Dyson.

"It’s a principle I’ve carried through to Wingback. We’re a product of the broad ideas, opinions and experiences shared by our colleagues, collaborators and customers. We're also a work in progress,” adds Alasdair.

“As we grow, we will always strive to keep diversity and inclusion at the heart of what we do."


 Architect Zaha Hadid quote on gender and ethnicity - Wingback 

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March 17, 2021

Thanks Irene and H.P. Certainly well deserved.

Irene van den Beukel
Irene van den Beukel

March 12, 2021

Loved that tribute!

H.P. Steensma
H.P. Steensma

March 12, 2021

Lovely to read the high tribute you pay to the ladies behind Wingback. Well done you, well earned them.

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