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May 27, 2021 2 min read

Wingback metal products are built to last, machined from aerospace grade brass and stainless steel. Use this guide to keep them going for the long haul.

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Rediscover the joy of putting pen to paper with the Wingback Mechanical Pen. A wide 10mm diameter sits comfortably in your hand to reduce writing fatigue, while the weight of the metal barrel encourages time to be taken with every pen stroke.

Simple, yet elegant, each pen is machine turned and laser engraved in England, and built to last a lifetime. Over 25 iterations helped hone the design to result in a ballpoint that's compact, enjoyable to use, and perfectly tailored to the Fisher Space Pen cartridge.

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A pen can only be as good as the cartridge you write with, which is why we built the Mechanical Pen to perfectly house the Fisher Space Pen pressurised ink cartridge.

It lasts three times longer than alternatives and features a tungsten carbide ball to give you an unparalleled writing experience. Our pen also fits the Schmidt Megaline 4889.

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The Wingback Mechanical Pen should generally operate maintenance free.

Brass will develop a unique patina over time and can be polished back to its original lustre using Brasso and a soft cloth. Stainless steel surfaces will maintain a crisp surface finish without any extra care.

If the mechanism begins to feel slow or rough you can maintain it by following these steps.

1. Remove the mechanism by turning the crown anticlockwise.

2. Check the mechanism for any debris.

3. Clean all mechanism parts with warm soapy water.

4. Dry parts thoroughly and reassemble.

5. Apply a small amount of PTFE based lubricant into the mechanism channel (available from any bike shop).

6. Leave to dry and wipe off any excess moisture.

7. Reassemble the pen. Good as new.

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For more wear, care and breaking in instructions, visit our support section here.

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